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About 2,000 years ago a shocking claim exploded out of the Middle East that changed the World forever.  A Hebrew man named Y'shua -- a carpenter from Galilee was resurrected from the dead as the ultimate validation of his message.  Yet in recent years scholars and detractors have cast doubt on whether the man the world calls Jesus of Nazareth ever lived at all.  Some postulate that his entire story was a re-working of pagan myth.  Others are calling first century historical sources a lie based on their "higher" criticism.  What is faith, what is fact and what lies between them?  What are the historical foundations of Y'shua of Nazareth?


Some of the questions addressed in the DVD are:


How can we know whether the testimony of Josephus the historian is reliable?


How do pagan and Jewish sources who despised the early Nazarenes help validate the Gospel record?


Did Gnostics -an ancient sect rebuked by name in the New Testament deny the physical existence of Y'shua?


What motivated liberal scholars to label the New Testament as a fraud?


Join Aramaic scholar, Nazarene historian and translator of the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible, Andrew Gabriel Roth, as he sifts through the Y'shua that exists outside the Bible.


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